Invoice Finance

With money tied up in outstanding invoices, it can be frustrating for businesses who need those funds to repay other costs and keep their operations running. Why not release those funds earlier, ensuring payment?


Speed of payment

Why wait over 30 days for payment of invoices, when you could release funds within 48 hours of raising your incomes


Your customers don't need to know you are getting early value of invoices through the scheme. 

Reduce other borrowing facilities

Getting value for your Invoices early may reduce, or eliminate, other more expensive ways to finance your business

Product Details

Variety of Schemes to use

B2B Invoicing where terms >30 Days

Funds Released within 48 Hours of Income

Confidential to your Clients

Typical Costs

Facility Charge - Flat Fee or % of Turnover

Discount Fee - Cost of Borrowing

Documents Required

Full Filed Accounts

Management Figures

Trade Creditor Report

Last 3 Months Bank Statements

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